Specialists in both environment-friendly, non-chemical solutions as well as chemical barriers in pest control, Serviingo adopts practical, effective and affordable pest control solutions in keeping with the highest international standards.

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Pest Control

Destroy All Uninvited Guests At Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Qst 1 :- What does this service included?

Ans 1 :- Our experts does a thorough inspection of house and finds bugs, ant etc. in hidden places

Qst 2 :- Can I see the process of service?

Ans 2 :- Yes , you can see the process with precaution and your own risk.

Qst 3 :- Are the experts used proper precautions?

Ans 3 :- Yes, our experts including Serviingo officials are double vaccinated with anti Covid vaccine. Before starting the task they make sure that all equipment including them are fully sanitize.

Qst 4 :- Will I have to clear the space before the service?

Ans 4 :- Yes, customer need to clear the service area.

Qst 5 :- What can I do, if I am not satisfied with the service?

Ans 5 :- If you are not satisfied you can call on customer care.

Qst 6 :- Are these services are safe for children and pets?

Ans 6 :- Yes, the service is safe for children and pets. It is advisable to keep children and pets away from sprayed surface.

Qst 7 :- Do i need 2nd visit?

Ans 7 :- Yes, 2nd visit targets eggs, hidden cockroaches and new babies. Killing them via 2nd visit enhances the effect of the service.

All About Serviingo Pest Control

Pest Control in Lucknow

The impact on pest infestation on business and life is immeasurable. In fact, damage from pest infestations extend way beyond the immediate financial loss leading to loss of reputation, health hazards and even legal implications. This is why one needs to partner with a reliable expert in order to mitigate the risks associated with pest infestations within their home, office and business establishments.

With decades of solid, hands-on experience in pest control and management services, Serviingo can confidently undertake all types of pest control and management assignments, including time to time  ‘ Pest-Risk Audits’ and preventive pest control treatments for offices, apartments, factories and production units across a wide array of industries.